Dataset: Asset database for the Clarence-Moreton bioregion on 24 February 2016



The dataset was derived by the Bioregional Assessment Programme from multiple source datasets. The source datasets are identified in the Lineage field in this metadata statement. The processes undertaken to produce this derived dataset are described in the History field in this metadata statement.

The Clarence-Moreton Asset database v8 supersedes the previous versions of the Asset database, especially V6.1 20150819(GUID: e265e9cf-b3a3-474c-850b-db4616389a24) and V7 20150916 GUID: e7940ec8-ec73-4cc5-bc4e-0c85f98354f1). This dataset contains v8 of the Asset database (CLM_asset_database_20160224.mdb), a Geodatabase version for GIS mapping purposes (CLM_asset_database_20160224_GISOnly.gdb), the draft Water Dependent Asset Register spreadsheet (BA-CLM-CLM-130-WaterDependentAssetRegister-AssetList-v20160224.xlsx), the draft Receptor Register spreadsheet (BA-CLM-CLM-140-ReceptorRegister-v20160224.xlsx), a data dictionary (CLM_asset_database_doc_20160226.doc), a folder (Indigenous_doc) containing documentation associated with Indigenous water asset project, and a folder (NRM_DOC) containing documentation associated with the Water Asset Information Tool (WAIT) process as outlined below

Under the BA program, a spatial assets database is developed for each defined bioregional assessment project. The spatial elements that underpin the identification of water dependent assets are identified in the first instance by regional NRM organisations (via the WAIT tool) and supplemented with additional elements from national and state/territory government datasets. All reports received associated with the WAIT process for Clarence-Morton are included in the zip file as part of this dataset. Elements are initially included in the preliminary assets database if they are partly or wholly within the subregion's preliminary assessment extent (Materiality Test 1, M1). Elements are then grouped into assets which are evaluated by project teams to determine whether they meet the second Materiality Test (M2). Assets meeting both Materiality Tests comprise the water dependent asset list. Descriptions of the assets identified in the Clarence-Morton subregion are found in the "AssetList" table of the database. In this version of the database M1 and M2 have both been assessed. Assets are the spatial features used by project teams to model scenarios under the BA program. Detailed attribution does not exist at the asset level. Asset attribution includes only the core set of BA-derived attributes reflecting the BA classification hierarchy, as described in Appendix A of " CLM_asset_database_doc_20160226.doc", located in the zip file as part of this dataset. The "Element_to_Asset" table contains the relationships and identifies the elements that were grouped to create each asset. Detailed information describing the database structure and content can be found in the document "CLM_asset_database_doc_20160226.doc" located in the zip file. Some of the source data used in the compilation of this dataset is restricted.

The public version of this asset database can be accessed via the following dataset: Asset database for the Clarence-Moreton bioregion on 24 February 2016 Public (

Dataset History

OBJECTID VersionID Date_ Notes

1 1 2/07/2014 Initial database.

2 2 15/08/2014 Initial database with new WSP assets

3 3 9/09/2014 add 87 line assets from early SEQLD WAIT data ; updated NSW RegERiv and GWMP assets, and changed AID (5010 to 5180 to 15010 to 15180)

4 3.1 15/09/2014 " Updated class ""Groundwater-dependent ecosystems"" to ""Groundwater-dependent ecosystem"""

5 4 20/02/2015 Add additional eight datasets from the community consultation and assessment team: QLD RE 11, NSW GDE, QLD Wetland System 100K, QLD GDE Surface Areas, QLD GDE Line, QLD GDE Terrestrial Areas, NGIS QLD Bores and AHGF Network Stream. Turn off National GDE assets

6 5 3/06/2015 As requested by CLM assessment team, those NGIS economic assets AIDs from17009 and 17013 inclusive replace previous NGIS ecological assets (from same QLD NGIS elements) AIDs from16800 and 16803 inclusive. Turn off assets AIDs from16800 and 16803

7 6 6/07/2015 This v6 CLM Asset database includes M2 test results (Does the asset pass the water dependency test? or WDTest ) from Clarence-Moreton assessment project team.

8 6.1 19/08/2015 "(1) Corrected the spelling error of PAE_Region to Clarence-Moreton for all assets and elements

(2) (a) Extracted long ( >255 characters) WD rationale for 2 assets in tab "Water-dependent asset register" and 4 assets in tab "Asset list " in 1.30 Excel file (b) recreated in BA-CLM-CLM-130-WaterDependentAssetRegister-AssetList-V20150819.xlsx

(3) Modified queries (Find_All_Asset_List and Find_Waterdependent_asset_register) for (2)(a)"

9 7 16/09/2015 "(1)(a) Add table ReceptorList in CLM_asset_database_20150916.mdb, using the Excel file from CLM project team (b) Create draft BA-CLM-CLM-140-ReceptorRegister-V20150916.xlsx

(2) Add table tbl_Receptors in CLM_asset_database_20150916.mdb and GM_CLM_ReceptorList_pt in CLM_asset_database_20150916_GISOnly.gdb, using the spatial data from CLM project team;

(3)Add SQL query "Find_used_Receptor" for extracting all used receptor for the register"

10 8 24/02/2016 "(1) Total number of registered water assets was increased by 40 due to:

(a) The 9 assets changed M2 test to "Yes" and 1 asset changed M2 reason from the review done by Ecologist group. The original data is included the database as the table tbl_CLM _Species_TEC_decisions_reveiw_23112015

(b) 31 indigenous water assets from OWS were added. The data and documents from OWS are included in subdirectory Indigenous_doc

(c) The draft new Water Dependent Asset Register file (BA-CLM-CLM-130-WaterDependentAssetRegister-AssetList-v20160224.xlsx) was created

(2) For Receptors::

(a) Update LandscapeClass 'falls miscellaneous' to 'waterfalls' fro 24 receptors

(b) Update LandscapeClass 'springs and waterholes miscellaneous' to 'springs and waterholes' for 1277 receptors

(c) Updated LandscapeClass ( derived from CLM land classification dataset provided by CLM assessment team ) for 10460 receptors

(d) Created the draft Receptor Register file (BA-CLM-CLM-140-ReceptorRegister-v20160224.xlsx)"

Dataset Citation

Bioregional Assessment Programme (2014) Asset database for the Clarence-Moreton bioregion on 24 February 2016. Bioregional Assessment Derived Dataset. Viewed 10 July 2017,

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