Dataset: QLD bores not in assets register



This dataset was derived by the Bioregional Assessment Programme. The parent datasets are identified in the Lineage field in this metadata statement. The processes undertaken to produce this dataset are described in the History field in this metadata statement.

This dataset was created to show those bores that do not occur within the assets database using the data provided in the lineage.

Dataset History

This dataset was created by using the Gal_boreuse dataset (1eb39a00-f557-4183-9fce-508a5c0e01d6) as the base dataset.

A spatial join was done on the above base dataset with the assets database to find those bores that exist within the assets database. Those that didn't exist were then extracted. To create the dataset QldBoresNotInAssetsGrids, this was then combined with the drawdown grids to extract the values where the bores intersected the grids.

To create the dataset QldBoresNotInAssetsZones_mine, the resultant bores were clipped using the mines dataset (see lineage).

Dataset Citation

XXXX XXX (2017) QLD bores not in assets register. Bioregional Assessment Derived Dataset. Viewed 10 December 2018,

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