Dataset: 2016 SoE Built Environment Mean house to block size ratios by SA1, Adelaide urban centre locality - 2014


Map and 2014 data from Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Land Account: South Australia, Experimental Estimates, 2006-2011 (cat. No. 4609.4.55.001) Article1002006 - 2011?opendocument&tabname=Summary&prodno=4609.4.55.001&issue=2006 - 2011&num=&view=

Data tables list 2011 SA1s within the 2011 Adelaide Urban Centre/Locality with property area calculations for specified time periods (1990 - 2014), as well corresponding mean building size and mean building size to property area ratio based on 2014 Valuer-General data. The VG data is from a single point in time and contains information for properties as of 2014. (eg. including extensions/renovations or where subdivision has been undertaken, which would include any increases in floor area or decreases in land area that occurred as a result of these). The VG oversee valuations for State Government property transactions and the making and return of council rating valuations. The primary data items used include Land Use, Property Area, Equivalent Main Area and Year built. "Equivalent main area" is the total area under the main roof excluding area of eg. carports, garages, verandahs etc. rather than the building footprint. Only landuse codes with a classification of "Private" were included in the analysis. State Office Land Use Classification 2007 was used to analyse Valuer General data. Only records classified as Single Unit Houses (land use code 1100-1119) were included in the analysis (80% of VG records), but this will include multistory houses. Because the area calculation for multistory houses could exceed the size of the land parcel, a "MeanAreaRatio_adj field has been included - Where the Pre1980_MeanAreaRatio for a property is greater than 100.0, then this has been adjusted down to 100.0 The analysis was restricted to Private Single Unit Houses (excluding multiple unit dwellings and commercial buildings) in an effort to enable the data to be used to understand residential backyard sizes and how these have changed over time. Note that although the figure heading notes a year range of 1990-2014 the original output dataset for Statistical Area Level 1 s(SA1) included records with a null year field (326 records) as well as records dating back to 1838.

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