Dataset: Snow Petrel data collected around Casey Station during February 2000 by Eric Woehler and Lee Belbin


The survey was completed as part of ASAC project 1219 (ASAC_1219) during 1999/00 summer at Casey during resupply. GPS data were collected for all snow petrel nests located during intensive searches of ice-free areas in the Casey Station extended recreation area.

This work was completed as part of ASAC project 1219 (ASAC_1219).

The data are a subset of the data available for downloading, the data with dataset id = 182. Each feature has a Qinfo value which can be used to access data quality information.

Public summary for project 1219:

This project provides population data on Antarctic and Subantarctic seabirds that permit assessments to be made of natural population trends at local to regional scales, so that changes in populations due to to human disturbance, such as station activities and helicopter operations can be identified.

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