Dataset: Parkes observations for project P995 semester 2018OCTS_06


We propose to perform observations of the very young pulsar PSR B0540–69 in the Large Magellanic Cloud to detect pulsed flux from this traditionally radio-quiet source. We are motivated to do so due to a relatively recent X-ray observation of a 36% change in its spin down rate, thought to be due to a state change in its magnetospheric processes. There is reason to believe this may be accompanied by an increase in pulsed flux, as has been seen in intermittent pulsar behaviour, for example. Additionally, PSR B0540–69 is known to emit giant pulses, one of only a small number of pulsars to do so. With the new Ultra Wideband Low-frequency (UWL) receiver system, we will be able to conduct the highest sensitivity observations of this source yet achieved at radio wavelengths. A successful detection of pulsed flux will provide important insight into the magnetospheric evolution and behaviour in this pulsar, and a better understanding of how its glitch behaviour may influence its emission. Even without such a detection, we will be able to study the giant pulse behaviour of PSR B0540–69 with unprecedented sensitivity.

The metadata and files (if any) are available to the public.

General Information