Dataset: ACCESS-S1 APS2 realtime seasonal climate prediction dataset (6 week and 6 month forecasts, produced daily) ( data not externally available ) {DRAFT stopgap metadata}


ACCESS-S1 is a collection of multi-week to seasonal forecast model output, using the ACCESS Prediction System for a variety of domains such as global and regional.

The data collection represents the Bureau's daily operational model runs and output.

ACCESS-S1's Atmosphere model uses the UK MetOffice atmospheric model GC2.
Atmosphere, horizontal resolution: ACCESS-S1 has a 60km resolution in the mid-latitudes; (POAMA-2 had a 250km resolution).
See diagrams at , to see horizontal resolution change.
Atmosphere, Vertical resolution: 85 levels (extending into the stratosphere) (cf POAMA-2 which had 17 levels)

ACCESS-S1's Land surface model: State-of-the-art land surface model (JULES) with 4 soil levels. Sophisticated representation of soil and surface hydrology and of fluxes of heat and moisture within the soil and to the atmosphere. Land cover heterogeneity is represented.

ACCESS-S1's Ocean model: Latest NEMO model from France which is part of the UK MetOffice coupled model GC2
Ocean resolution, Horizontal: 25 km;
Ocean resolution, Vertical: 75 levels; level thicknesses range from 1 m near the surface to about 200 m near the bottom (6000m depth)
(cf POAMA-2: Horizontal: ~200 km x 100 km; and Vertical: 25 levels; level thicknesses range from 15 m near the surface to almost 1000 m near the bottom )
6 month lead.

General Information