Dataset: SOS2 Water Data Online Web Data Services - station reference data and historic time series data for stations across Australia collected by the Bureau of Meteorology under the Water Regulations 2008 {DRAFT stopgap metadata}


Water Data Online provides free access to nationally consistent, current and historical water data (and related information) that is collected by the Bureau of Meteorology under the Water Regulations (2008). Time series data collected from approximately 5000 measurement stations across Australia are currently available. The parameters currently available on Water Data Online are:
• Watercourse Level (Water Regulations category 1a)
• Watercourse Discharge (Water Regulations category 1b)
• Storage Level (Water Regulations category 3a)
• Storage Volume (Water Regulations category 3b)
The WDO SOS2 Web Data Services provide access to the station and timeseries data available via Water Data Online. In addition, the service provides access to:
• Timeseries data for groundwater level, water temperature, turbidity, water pH, electrical conductivity, rainfall, evaporation, relative humidity, dry air temperature , wind direction and speed parameters.
• Watercourse Level and Watercourse Discharge data sourced from some flood warning stations (Water Regulatons category 11a and 11b).
• Watercourse Level and Watercourse Discharge time series that have undergone further processing to prepare data for streamflow forecasting.
• Accessible Volume and Australian Height Datum Level time series for some Water Storages.
This SOS2 service offers many different types of timeseries {procedures} for each parameter. These include continuous, hourly, daily, monthly and yearly timeseries. They are explained in the GUIDE
[ ].

Please refer to the overarching metatadata record for Water Data Online [ ], for full details.

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