Dataset: SWS Solar Images from Culgoora (N.S.W.) and Learmonth (W.A) Solar Observatories ( 2003 onwards)


Australia has made major contributions to research in solar physics for several decades. Solar images are a major kind of record of solar activities. The SWS has monitored and archived solar activity images from Culgoora and Learmonth for more than two decades.
Images from Culgoora include H-Alpha (2003-2014) and White Light(2004-2013) images. A new single mounted, three telescopes structure has been installed at Culgoora. Culgoora solar image data is available for 02/01/2003 onwards.

Learmonth Solar Observatory is jointly operated by Bureau of Meteorology - Space Weather Network and the US Air Force. The Learmonth observatory is the site of one of six solar velocity imagers in the world-wide GONG (Global Oscillation Network Group) network operated by NSO (US National Solar Observatory). Images from Learmonth include H-Alpha(2004-2009), GONG H-Alpha (since 2013), GONG White Light(since 2010)and GONG Magnetogram(since 2010) images. Learmonth solar image data is available for 31/05/2004 onwards.

Data frequency: Every 60 seconds;

General Information