Dataset: Global Australian Multi-Sensor SST Analysis ( GAMSSA )


A real-time Global Australian Multi-Sensor Sea surface temperature Analysis (GAMSSA) system has been developed at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology as part of the BLUElink-II> project.
The operational, RAMSSA 1/12° resolution, regional SST analysis system (Beggs, 2007) has been modified to produce 1/4° resolution, daily global SST analyses (Beggs, 2008).

The GAMSSA v1.0 system blends NAVOCEANO’sGAC 9.9 km x 4.4 km resolution AVHRR L2P SST1m data (NOAA-17, NOAA-18 and METOPA), European Space Agency’s 0.17° AATSR skin SST Meteo Product (EnviSat), Remote Sensing System’s 25 km resolution AMSR-E L2P sub-skin SSTs (Aqua) and in situ bulk SSTs from the GTS. The GAMSSA v1.0 analysis has a grid resolution of 1/4° (~25 km), with a background correlation length scale of 50 km, an observation correlation length scale of 20 km and observation correlation time scale of 0.5 days for all input observations. The background field is a weighted combination of the previous day’s GAMSSA analysis and Reynolds climatology.

General Information