Dataset: Volcanic Ash Advisory - past, archived advisories


The Bureau of Meteorology issues volcanic ash advisories for the Darwin Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre (VAAC) area, which includes the active volcanic regions of Indonesia, PNG and the southern Philippines and extends to the South Pole.

These advisories provide information on the erupting volcano, the observed ash cloud and the forecast for the ash cloud at +6, +12 and +18 hours. Ash clouds can have up to four height levels. The coding for ash height is given as SFC for surface and FL for flight line. The number after FL corresponds to units of 100 feet eg FL120 is a height of 12,000 feet.

Current advisories are produced as text and graphics (and also combined into a Web Map Service (for Emergency Services only) [see separate metadata record]).

Past and archived advisories are only available as text or graphics.

General Information