Dataset: Precis 7 day forecast - temperature, rainfall and weather conditions : Queensland locations


This record links to the Bureau of Meteorology's "Precis forecast - Queensland" product, which contains the latest 7 day forecast, per location across Queensland, with daily projected values for temperature, rainfall and weather conditions.

Data (7-day precis forecast data, for Queensland) is available in XML format. (The plain text and html formats were withdrawn in Feb 2016)
Place Names in the xml are the same as those that were used in the plain text and html format files.

The XML file uses the AAC location code (and location name), rather than the StationID code. The coordinates related to each AAC code/ location name, in the XML formatted file, are listed in the PointPlaces [IDM00013.*] data files, available from [open the dbf file, using Excel].

Note that the precis forecasts relate to an area surrounding the nominated location, the coordinates of which are intended to be the "centre of town" for that location ( as derived from Geoscience Australia's placename Gazetteer)".

Data content

As well as forecast values [per day, across 7 days] for minimum and maximum temperature, rainfall (range and probability), and a precis of expected weather conditions for locations in Queensland, the dataset (latest forecast only) also contains information on when the file was created, and the timespan that a value applies to.

General Information