Dataset: Wind Velocity : Average monthly wind velocity grids (2004-2008), Australia


Average monthly wind speed and direction grids across Australia. The data are based on the period 1st January 2004 – 31st December 2008.
Computer model are used as part of the weather forecasting process. These models produce a snapshot of the current state of the atmosphere before they can produce forecasts. This snapshot is often called an 'analysis'.
The analysis and subsequent predictions are based on data (ground stations, upper air observations, satellites, ships, buoys etc.) from the world's national meteorological services, including Australia. Data are fed into computers, and the wind field and the various other meteorological data fields are calculated at various elevations or levels to represent the physical process or dynamics of the full depth of the atmosphere.
The monthly averages for wind were calculated from the daily computer generated analyses. The 10 metre surface wind field from the model, provided as gridded data, was used to develop these wind climate maps.

General Information