Dataset: Lightning : mean (1995-2012) annual lightning data (base climatological dataset): Annual lightning ground flash density & annual lightning total flash density


Mean annual number of of lightning flashes per square km.
The grids show the number of lightning flashes per square km per year across Australia in the form of two-dimensional array data.
The lightning maps, which are based on eighteen years of satellite derived data (1995-2012), provide estimates of average annual lightning flash density information across Australia.
The lightning total flash density map and lightning ground flash density map are based on data from the Optical Transient Detector (OTD) and Lightning Imaging Sensor (LIS) for the Australian region. The analysis is based on eight years of combined OTD and LIS data. Data are acquired from polar orbiting satellites and are calibrated against the data derived from observations obtained by ground-based lightning flash counters. These data are in a gridded format.

General Information