Dataset: Sunshine hours : Mean monthly and mean annual sunshine hours data (base climatological data sets, 1900 to 2003)


These maps show the daily average number of bright sunshine hours across Australia, gridded, for each month and the year. The grids, showing the sunshine -hour values across Australia in the form of two-dimensional array data, were generated using the Barnes 2-D meteorological analysis. Station data underwent at a high degree of quality control before analysis.
Gridded averages are available is for the following periods: Annual, May to September (the Northern 'dry' season), October to April (the Northern 'wet' season), January, February, December.
The mean data are based on approximately 90 stations [shown here: ], all of which had at least 15 years of records, and at least 80% complete data over those years of records.
The resolution of the data is 0.25 degrees (approximately 25km)The bright sunshine data that were used in producing the grids were from the Campbell-Stokes sunshine recorders [see: ].

General Information