Dataset: Geofabric Hydrology Reporting Catchments - V2.1.1


Geofabric Hydrology Reporting Catchments comprises two related views of hydrological catchments to be used for analysis and reporting purposes. Firstly, a topological network view of hydrological catchments represented as a simplified node-link network using a subset of the contracted nodes (AHGFNode) and the links (AHGFLink) between them; and secondly, a catchments view of the hydrology using the contracted catchments (AHGFContractedCatchment).
The AHGFNode feature class contains contracted nodes that are points of hydrological significance that carry identity. They include the confluence of major named streams, coastal stream termini, waterbody inflow and outflows and inland sinks. It also contains a new class of node called diffuse nodes that represent diffused flow from groups of nodes at coastal, delta or inter-catchment outlets.
The AHGFLink feature class provides the topological connectors between a subset of contracted nodes that participate in the simplified node-link network.
The AHGFContractedCatchment feature class contains catchment polygons (that are aggregations of AHGFCatchments) for the subset of contracted nodes that participate in the simplified node link network. These catchments are part of a hierarchy that can be aggregated based on upstream relationships.

This product contains five feature types including: Node, Link, Contracted Catchment, Node-Link Connectivity (upstream), and Node-Link Connectivity (downstream).

General Information