Dataset: Geofabric Surface Network - V2.1.1


The Geofabric Surface Network product provides a set of related feature classes to be used as the basis for production of consistent hydrological surface stream network analysis. This product contains a topographically consistent representation of the (major) surface water features of Australia (excluding external territories). Primarily, these are natural surface hydrology features but the product also contains some man-made features (notably reservoirs and other hydrographic features).

The Geofabric Surface Network product is based upon the input from ANUDEM Derived Streams V1.1.2 (ANUDEM Streams) which is the vectorised version of the nine second ANUDEM derived raster steams product. The product is related to, but distinct from, the stream network contained in the Geofabric Surface Cartography product. The network product represents the flow direction of streams over the surface of the terrain, based on the GEODATA Nine Second Digital Elevation Model (DEM-9S) Version 3. This product is more generalised than the Geofabric Surface Cartography and represents the main channels of the stream, particularly in areas where streams are heavily anabranched or disconnected.

In addition, the stream connectivity represents a stream flow over the terrain, regardless of the presence of a corresponding Geofabric Surface Cartography stream segment. This means that the Geofabric Surface Cartography product may represent a stream as an interrupted or intermittent feature, whereas this product represents the same stream as a continuous connected feature. That is, the path that a stream would take (according to the terrain model) if sufficient water were available for flow. This product is fully topologically correct which means that all the stream segments flow in the correct direction. It also has full connectivity based on the flow of water across a terrain model.

This product contains six feature types including: Waterbody, Network Stream, Network Node, Catchment, Network Connectivity (Upstream) and Network Connectivity (Downstream).

General Information