Dataset: NT DIPL - Darwin Super Tuesday Bike Counts (Points) 2018


This dataset presents information and locations related to The Super Tuesday Bike Count event in Darwin for 2018. The counts are presented as individual points which relate to the location where the counts were undertaken by volunteers.

The Super Tuesday Bike Count collects annual figures of bicycle riders and their movements on roads and bike paths. Since 2007, Bicycle Network has conducted bicycle counts at key intersections and corridors selected by local governments. The data is available for researchers and policymakers to plan and build cycling infrastructure to promote increased cycling activity, and to gather longitudinal insights of cycling volumes and trends.

Super Tuesday count data is collected visually by volunteer counters at intersections along popular commuter routes, as well as subsidiary routes with lower rider volumes. The count is conducted in southern states (VIC, NSW, SA, WA) between 7:00-9:00am on the first Tuesday of March; and in northern states (QLD, NT) between 6:30-8:30am on the first Tuesday of September. Count locations are nominated by traffic engineers, transport planners, and other transport officers from participating councils. Counters record all movement directions, rider gender, and bicycle volume per fifteen-minute increments on standardised count sheets.

For more information please visit the Norther Territory Government Open Data Portal or view the Bicycle Network Super Tuesday Count Report.

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