Dataset: Landsat Imagery of the Pilbara Marine Regions (Landsat8) - 2013


Landsat 8 Images were obtained for the project study area (Pilbara Marine Region). Images acquired were Landsat 8 images (Path: 113,114,115 Rows: 74,75,76) for 2013 ranging from Day 110 - 348 (2013-04-20 to 2013-12-14). Data are comprised of 58 files ranging in size from 500 to 1000 MB in compressed format (46 GB total), and are lodged with the iVEC Data Store -

The Pilbara Marine Conservation Partnership (PMCP) was an initiative designed to enhance the net conservation benefits of the globally-significant coral reef ecosystems of the Pilbara (Western Australia) by providing an assessment of the condition and trajectory of key ecological values. These assessments were designed to inform and complement existing governance and management arrangements and the PMCP is intended to provide ongoing advice and assessment for conservation efforts in the region, providing lasting benefits.

The PMCP concept is based on three core ecological components, namely:
Coral Reef Health - concentrating mainly on habitat forming primary producers.
Fish and Sharks - their community structure, interactions and impacts on lower trophic levels.
Environmental Pressures - physical and anthropogenic factors that influence the condition of reefs and associated biota.

General Information