Dataset: RV Investigator Voyage IN2015_E01 Gravity Data


This record describes gravity data collected on RV Investigator voyage IN2015_E01, which departed Hobart on the 29 Jan 2015 and returned to Hobart on the 19 Feb 2015, after successfully testing equipment at 65° south. Gravity data was only recorded until 7 February due to problems with the instrument.

The gravity meter instrument is a MicroG Lacoste Air-Sea II. Data are stored in .ENV and .DAT data files at CSIRO. There are 24 files totalling 150 MB of raw data in this dataset. A wharf tie was undertaken at Hobart, at the old Elizabeth St location using a Scintrex Autograv CG-5. Wharf tie data can be found in T003039_wharf_tie.TXT, which is stored with the raw data.

No processing has been conducted on this data.

Additional information regarding this dataset is contained in the GSM data acquisition and processing report.

General Information