Dataset: Torres Strait Prawn Fishery Handbook (AFMA) 2001


The 2001 issue of the Torres Prawn Handbook aims to provide Torres Strait prawn fishers with the latest management, logbook and scientific information available on the Torres Strait prawn fishery. As with previous issues, the 2001 Handbook has been compiled by the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) in conjunction with the Queensland Fisheries Service (QFS) to inform and assist prawn fishers and licence holders in their fishing operations.

This edition of the handbook provides an update on the status of the fishery and recent developments as well as background information provided in previous issues.

Refer to the published report:

Oliver S, D'Silva D and Turnbull C. (2001) Torres Prawn Handbook 2001. Australian Fisheries Management Authority. Canberra. 103pp.

General Information