Dataset: CSIRO Marine Research "BIODATA" Database - Research Vessel Data ex AFZIS Database, 1978-1989


This database, named "Biodata", contains biological and station data from cruises of Divisional research vessels "Courageous" and "Soela" between February 1978 and April 1989, and also some data from "Sprightly" for the period August 1979-May 1980, and the chartered vessel "Jacqueline D" from August 1986-November 1988 in Albatross Bay, Gulf of Carpentaria. The data were originally stored within a special section of the AFZIS (Australian Fishing Zone Information System) database in Canberra, developed jointly by CSIRO Division of Fisheries Research and Department of Primary Industry (DPI), and were retrieved before the DPI Cyber computer was decommissioned. Data from Soela cruises for 1985, 1986, and the first 6 cruises of 1987 are not represented in this dataset. Information held comprises vessel, cruise and station identifiers, and details for 3,000 (+) operations including date, time, latitude, longitude, operation type, gear type, trawl details, surface temperature and salinity where measured, fishing effort and catch by species, and length-frequency data where recorded. The data are presently in an Oracle database in Hobart.

General Information