Dataset: Southern Surveyor Voyage SS2011_T01 Raw Data Tapes and Documentation


Southern Surveyor Voyage SS2011_T01 - This list includes ALL data backup media and documentation returned to CMAR Data Centre after this voyage: - DATA BACKUPS (Media Type - Media Label - Media location): - - LTO tape - Shore Backup SS2011_T01 copy 1- re-created 4/10/2011 - Hobart Marine Labs, Block 2, Datacentre Filing Cabinet 1 Drawer2, Archive box 8A - LTO tape - Shore Backup SS2011_T01 copy 2- to be re-created 17/10/2011 - Sent to Floreat 19th October, 2011 - PAPER DOCUMENTS - Bridge Log - CTD Log - Nutrient Log - Salinity Log - Oxygen Log - No End Of Voyage Form and Data request forms - Not filled out. Trim References: Container AB2011/1161 Record number C2011/4269 Hobart (5010) - Building 5 - Room 5GS69 (CMAR MNF) - Compactus 1 On-line Documentation: - ss2011_t01_Bridge_log.pdf - ss2011_t01_CTD_log.pdf - ss2011_t01_Nutrient_log.pdf - ss2011_t01_Oxygen_log.pdf - ss2011_t01_plan.pdf - ss2011_t01_Salinometer_log.pdf Links in this record are for PROCESSING STAFF ONLY. Scientific staff may request copies via Documentation is on the internal network: \processedVoyageData [voyage] \global_docs. The raw data will be archived by the CSIRO Data Access Portal in 2015.

General Information