Dataset: IMOS - SRS - SST - L3S - Single Sensor - 1 month - day time - Australia


This is a single-sensor multi-satellite SSTskin product for 1 month of consecutive day-time periods, derived using observations from AVHRR instruments on all available NOAA polar-orbiting satellites. It is provided as a 0.02deg x 0.02deg cylindrical equidistant projected map over the region 70°E to 170°W, 20°N to 70°S. Each grid cell contains the 1 month average of all the highest available quality SSTs that overlap with that cell, weighted by the area of overlap. The diagram at indicates where this product fits within the GHRSST suite of NOAA/AVHRR products. Matchups with buoy SST observations for the central date (adjusted to skin depths) indicate typical 2014 biases of < 0.3 degC and standard deviations of 0.7 degC. Refer to the IMOS SST products web page at and Beggs et al. (2013) at for further information.

General Information