Dataset: CSIRO - Bayside Air Quality Station Aspendale - Air Pollutants CO, NOx, SO2, O3 and Partical size data PM2.5, PM10 (2004 - present)


The CSIRO Bayside Air Quality Station datasets contain measurements of important urban air pollutants for the period of June 2004 to the present day measured in the atmosphere at the CSIRO Aspendale measuring station. There are variables for both chemical (gases such as carbon monoxide(CO), nitrogen oxides (NO, NO2, NOx), sulfur dioxide(SO2) & ozone(O3)) and physical properties (particulate mass measurements: size<10µm(Pm10), size<2.5µm(Pm2.5), size<100nm(UFP)). Variable data is logged on a minutely basis and is available in daily-average annual and hourly-average monthly excel spreadsheet formats. The Bayside Air Quality Station is located at CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research (CMAR) Aspendale, Victoria (38° 01' 41" South, 145° 01' 48" East)

General Information