Dataset: IMOS - Southern Ocean Time Series (SOTS) - Quality Assessment and Control Report - Wetlabs FLNTUS instruments


This report details the quality control applied to the bio-optical data collected from the Southern Ocean Time Series (SOTS) moorings between 2009 and 2016. The quality controlled datasets are publicly available via the AODN Data Portal. This report should be consulted when using the data.

The Southern Ocean Time Series (SOTS) Observatory located at 140°E and 47°S provides high temporal resolution observations in sub-Antarctic waters. It is focused on the sub-Antarctic Zone because waters formed at the surface in this region slide under warmer subtropical and tropical waters, carrying CO2 and heat into the deep ocean, where it is out of contact with the atmosphere. This process also supplies oxygen for deep ocean ecosystems, and exports nutrients that fuel ~70% of global ocean primary production. The sub-Antarctic Zone and these processes are expected to change with global warming, but the potential impacts of these changes are not yet known.

General Information