Dataset: RV Investigator Voyage IN2016_E02 Underway UWY Data (Unprocessed)


This record describes the Underway (UWY) data collected from the Marine National Facility (MNF) RV Investigator Voyage IN2016_E02, titled: "MNF Equipment Sea Trials." The voyage took place between December 15 and December 19, 2016 departing from Sydney (NSW) and arriving in Hobart (TAS).

Standard Underway data is continuously recorded, consisting of:

(1) Navigation data (NAV): Latitude, Longitude, Speed, Heading, Course Over Ground, Gyros, and Doppler Log (dual GPS instrument).

(2) Thermosalinograph (TSG): Water Salinity, Flow-Rate, Temperature, Fluorescence, pCO2 and Optode/Oxygen.

(3) Atmospheric (MET): Humidity, Wind Speed and Direction (vane and ultrasonic), Radiometer/Sea Surface Temprature, Pyranometer/Solar Radiation, Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR), Air Temperature, Air Pressure, Rain, Ozone and Trace Gases (port and starboard instruments).

Data are recorded at 5 second intervals. Near real-time data are available via the link "Visualisation tool for Underway Data." This dataset will be processed and archived within the CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere (O&A) Information and Data Centre (IDC) in Hobart (TAS). Data are available at time intervals of 5 sec (NetCDF format), 10 sec and 5 min (ASCII format). Additional information regarding this dataset is contained in the Cruise Summary Report and/or the Data Processing Report for this voyage.

General Information