Dataset: Age vs Depth profile of core GC12, collected from the Capricorn Channel off the Eastern Australian Coast


A gravity core (GC12) was collected from a depth of 990.5 mbsl within the Capricorn Channel, southern Great Barrier Reef (GBR). Isotopic values for 18-O and 13-C were obtained from Globigerinoides ruber and correlated with the SPECMAP age-model. Radiocarbon dating of Globigerinoides sacculifer was also undertaken at nine sample depths, and then corrected and correlated with the curve. This yielded an age vs. depth profile from which it was possible to determine approximate sedimentation rates. From the age-model we see the evidence of MIS 1 through to 5a with sedimentation rates ranging from 2 cm/kyr to 20 cm/kyr, with an average of 10cm/kyr. This is a high sedimentation rate for a sedimentary basin, however the core is situated on the increased slope of the Capricorn Channel, therefore sediments scoured off the shallow gradient slope above may feasibly be focused at this depth on the slope. The sedimentation rate exhibits a unorthodox pattern, with a very high rate (25 cm/kyr) during the middle of MIS 3.

General Information