Dataset: Crowdy Head Coastal Station Data 1971


This dataset contains oceanographic data collected at a transect off Crowdy Head, New South Wales (lat. 31 deg. 51 min. S, long. 152 deg. 49 min. E) between August and Ocotber 1971. The stations were set up under the CSIRO coastal monitoring programme in the 1970s and were sampled for temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, phosphate and nitrate. The data are stored on-line as part of the CMR hydrology archive in Hobart. Additional copies of the data are deposited with the NODC data archive (World Data Centre-A) in the U.S.A., and details of relevant data files can be viewed via their website by requesting the file inventory for this coastal station which is NODC platform code "09Z4". Station details, plus printed versions of the data, have been published in CSIRO's "Oceanographical Station List" series.

General Information