Dataset: GAB Deepwater Marine Program: Project 4 – Benthic biota of volcanic seamounts, seeps and canyons of the GAB - Sediment data


This record describes the collections of sediments (and their derived data) from one Marine National Facility charter voyage conducted under Project 4 - Benthic biota of volcanic seamounts, seeps and canyons of the GAB - of the Great Australian Bight Deepwater Marine Program (GABDMP): IN2015_C01. A key objective for which is to characterise the composition, abundance and distributions of benthic fauna (seabed animals) associated with volcanic seamounts, canyon and seep zone habitats in in ~1000-5000 m depth, within and adjacent to the Chevron lease areas in the GAB. Sediment samples were taken at 6 potential seep, 5 volcanic seamount, and 3 deep outcropping rock sites using the Integrated Coring Platform (ICP) and the Smith-MacIntyre grab.
The Integrated Coring Platform ( ICP) combines a number of technologies to maximise sampling in a single deployment. The ICP is built around a 6 barrel corer (KC, Denmark) and together with its central electronics module integrates cameras (cable, seafloor and corer views), CTD (SBE37IDO), altimeter, 120KHz scientific echo-sounders, Niskin bottles and hydrocarbon sensor suite. Sensor data is delivered in real time to the surface via fibre optic deployment cable. The Smith-MacIntyre grab is a comparatively simple tool collecting sediments.
Sediment samples were analysed for grain-size composition, nutrients (total organic and inorganic carbon and nitrogen content) as well as macrofauna collected by elutriation (data from the macro-fauna analyses are described with the other benthic biota collections (GABDMP - Benthic Biota).

General Information