Dataset: RV Investigator Voyage IN2015_C01 SBP120 Sub-bottom Profiler Data


This record describes sub bottom profiler data collected on RV Investigator research charter IN2015_C01, 'GAB deep water geological and benthic ecology program,' which departed Hobart on the 25 October and returned to Port Lincoln on the 28 November. A short sea trial voyage (October 22 - 25, Hobart - Hobart) was undertaken prior to the charter. Data for those days is also included in this data set.

The Kongsberg SBP120 (sub bottom profiler) was used to acquire data containing the specular reflections at different sediment interfaces below the seafloor. The SBP120 provides a 3° by 3° angular resolution.

The echosounder's frequency sweep range is from 2.5 to 7 kHz. The SBP120 was logged [continuously/sporadically] for the extent of the voyage.

Data are stored in *.raw (1271 files 25.0 GB) raw and *.seg ( 1267 files 24.9 GB) segy formats at CSIRO.

The segy format data had a real time processing stream applied, which applies gain, a gain correction, matched filter with replica shaping, an attribute calculation for instantaneous amplitude and time variable gain.

Additional information regarding this dataset is contained in the GSM data acquisition and processing report. Additional data products may be available on request

General Information