Dataset: Ichthys Gas Field Development - Oceanographic Discharge Modelling Study.


The oceanographic discharge modelling study will provide a quantification of the likely trajectories, fates and consequences of the following production discharges and potential accidental spills that have been identified to date:

These studies examine realistic scenarios based on the planned activities and account for trends and variations in ambient conditions. Modelling studies will require the development of fit-for-purpose hydrodynamic models to suit the various studies. Some studies will require modelling that covers a relatively large area and incorporates hourly to decadal time-scales. Others will require modelling at finer spatial and temporal scales.

The objectives of the Oceanographic Discharge Modelling Study are to:

These include the provision of:
Time-series plots showing the predicted weathering of the specified oil types under local conditions;
Contour plots showing probability of exposure to shorelines and open water locations;
Contour plots showing the minimum elapsed time before exposure by slicks at locations;
Contour plots showing the average and maximum concentration of surface oil at locations;
Probability of exposure to entrained oil at sub-surface locations;
Potential concentrations of entrained oil at sub-surface locations (maximum and average);
Probability of exposure to dissolved aromatic (BTEX and PAH) hydrocarbons;
Potential concentrations of dissolved aromatic hydrocarbons in the water column (maximum and average); and Maximum cumulative doses (concentration x time of exposure) of dissolved and entrained components at sub-surface locations.

General Information