Dataset: Southern Surveyor Voyage SS 06/96 Biological Data Overview


This record is an overview entry for biological data collected on Southern Surveyor cruise SS 06/96. This cruise took place in waters off the east coast of Tasmania, south-eastern Victoria and southern New South Wales during 20 November - 19 December 1996, under the leadership of Alan Williams and Nic Bax. Biological data collected on this cruise include samples of fish and benthic invertebrates to determine the summer distribution and abundance of these fauna. Video and 35 mm camera photography, acoustic, biological and sediment samples to identify and determine the distribution of seafloor habitat types. Zooplankton samples to determine the summer distribution. Tissue samples from fish, plankton and seafoor invertebrates for stable isotopes analysis. Stomach samples from a diverse range of fish for dietary analysis. Phytoplankton samples for pigment analysis. Specimens for the "Field Guide to the Southeast Fishery" and "Handbook of Australian Seafood" projects including samples for fillet analysis, protein fingerprinting and genetic analysis. A collection of specimens for collaborative studies and for other institutions. Fish samples for ecomorphological analysis. Samples from 141 species of invertebrates for a bioprospecting project being undertaken by AIMS. Benthic samples and photographic images of the seafloor off Maria Island to study the abundance and pattern of distribution of brittle stars. Seal observations were also recorded during the cruise. Please note: This metadata record is a preliminary entry derived from information in the cruise plan and/or cruise report. Individual data types - which may span several cruises - will be indexed separately within this metadata system in due course.

General Information