Dataset: RV Investigator Voyage IN2018_V08 Underway UWY Data


This record describes the Underway (UWY) data collected from the Marine National Facility (MNF) RV Investigator Voyage IN2018_V08, titled: "The Balleny mantle plume: key role in Tasmania-Antarctic breakup?" The voyage took place between December 27,2018 and January 10, 2019 departing from Hobart (TAS) and arriving in Hobart.

Standard Underway data is continuously recorded, consisting of:

(1) Navigation data (NAV): Latitude, Longitude, Speed, Heading, Course Over Ground, Gyros, and Doppler Log (dual GPS instrument).

(2) Thermosalinograph (TSG): Water Salinity, Flow-Rate, Temperature, Fluorescence, pCO2 and Optode/Oxygen.

(3) Atmospheric (MET): Humidity, Wind Speed and Direction (vane and ultrasonic), Radiometer/Sea Surface Temprature, Pyranometer/Solar Radiation, Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR), Air Temperature, Air Pressure, Rain, Ozone and Trace Gases (port and starboard instruments).

The quality-controlled RV Investigator underway meteorological and SST data are supplied to the IMOS AODN where they are publicly available at the "Ships of Opportunity" Thredds server ( for research. From there, they are downloaded by NOAA for their In Situ Quality Monitoring web site (iQUAM2) and made available for satellite SST validation.

The SBE 38 SST data are used within the Australian Bureau of Meteorology for real-time satellite SST validation and ingested into real-time SST analyses which are then used as the boundary condition for Numerical Weather Prediction models.

The meteorological and SST data are uploaded onto the Global Telecommunications System (GTS) for global dissemination to Meteorological Agencies, and separately supplied to the SAMOS ( Project for air-sea flux research.

The real-time SBE 38 SST data are currently (2017) used in the following data products (accessed via the GTS):
• International Comprehensive Ocean-Atmosphere Data Set (ICOADS R3.0) (
• NOAA NCEI Extended Reconstructed Sea Surface Temperature version 4 (ERSST.v4) (
• Hadley Centre SST Data Set (HadSST3) (
• Global Ocean Surface Underway Data (GOSUD) Project (
• Bureau of Meteorology daily and weekly SST analyses (
• NOAA NCEI “Reynolds” daily global OISST analysis (
• NASA JPL “MUR” 1 km daily global SST analysis (
• UK Met Office “OSTIA” daily global SST analysis (
• CMC daily global SST analysis
• Ourocean “G1SST” global daily 1 km SST analysis (

As part of the underway data gathering system, other datasets are produced (e.g., pCO2, ISAR SST) which are processed separately and have their own metadata records.

Data are recorded at 5 second intervals. Near real-time data are available via the link "Visualisation tool for Underway Data." This dataset will be processed and archived within the CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere (O&A) Information and Data Centre (IDC) in Hobart (TAS). Data are available at time intervals of 5 sec (NetCDF format), 10 sec and 5 min (ASCII format). Additional information regarding this dataset is contained in the Voyage Summary and/or the Data Processing Report for this voyage.

General Information