Dataset: RV Investigator Voyage IN2015_C01 Hydrology HYD Data


This record describes Hydrology (HYD) data collected from the Marine National Facility RV Investigator Charter Voyage IN2015_C01 titled "GAB deep water geological and benthic ecology program", departing Hobart on the 22nd October and arriving at Port Lincoln on the 28th November 2015.

Hydrology samples were collected from a subset of niskin bottles sampled at various depths during 9 Conductivity-Temperature-Depth (CTD) deployments. A total of 75 salinity, 75 oxygen and 81 nutrient samples were analysed.

Parameters analysed or measured include temperature, salinity, CTD salinity, oxygen and CTD oxygen, phosphate, ammonia, silicate, nitrate plus nitrite.

This dataset has been archived within the CSIRO O&A Information and Data Centre (IDC) in Hobart. Additional information regarding this dataset is contained in the voyage report for this voyage and data processing report. Please see documentation and data links.

General Information