Dataset: RV Investigator Voyage IN2015_V02 EM710 Multibeam Echosounder Data


This record describes multibeam echosounder data collected on RV Investigator voyage IN2015_V02, which departed Sydney on 15 May 2015 and arrived in Brisbane on 26 May 2015.
The Kongsberg EM170 multibeam echosounder was used to acquire seafloor bathymetry and backscatter information off Fraser Island , surveying for suitable mooring locations.
Ping rate varied according to depth. Data are stored in *.all raw format at CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere. There are 20 files totalling 2.61 GB of raw data in this dataset.
Processed data are available in XYZ format. Additional information regarding this dataset is contained in the GSM data acquisition and processing report. Additional data products may be available on request.

General Information