Dataset: IMOS - Animal Tracking Facility - Acoustic Tracking - Quality Controlled Detections (2007 -2017)


Over the last decade, the Integrated Marine Observing System’s Animal Tracking Facility (formerly known as the Australian Animal Tracking And Monitoring System (AATAMS)) has established a permanent array of acoustic receivers around Australia to detect the movements of tagged marine animals in coastal waters. Simultaneously, the Animal Tracking Facility developed a centralised national database ( to encourage collaborative research across the user community and provide unprecedented opportunities to quantify individual behaviour across a broad range of taxa. Here we present the database and quality control procedures developed to collate 48.5 million valid detections from 1891 receiving stations. This dataset consists of detection data for 3523 tags deployed on 117 species (fish, sharks, rays, reptiles, and mammals), with distances travelled ranging from a few to thousands of kilometres. This dataset of acoustic detections constitutes a valuable resource facilitating meta-analysis of animal movement, distributions, and habitat use, and is important for relating species distribution shifts with environmental covariates.

General Information