Dataset: RV Investigator Voyage IN2014_E01 End of Voyage (EOV) Archive


This record describes the End of Voyage archive from the Marine National Facility, RV Investigator delivery voyage IN2014_E01. The voyage took place between the 24th August and the 9th of September, 2014 from Singapore to Hobart. The data collected on this voyage was minimal as the aim was to deliver the vessel to Hobart from Singapore and not for data collection. Electronics, Data Acquisition Processing (DAP) and Geophysical Survey and Mapping (GSM) personnel undertook setup, testing and familiarisation of systems and equipment during the delivery voyage. EOV data was not collected on in2014_e01. Bridge logs were provided electronically as photo images.

Bridge logs, paper logs and Voyage reports are available to voyage participants and MNF support personnel via the global_docs archive or email
EOV paper documentation is referenced in TRIM under "IN2014_E01 Paper documents", Record Number: C2015/1191, held in the IDC Data centre Store room 5SS54.

General Information