Dataset: Coastalwatch: Coastal Condition Monitoring System - Maroubra


Since its launch in 1998, Coastalwatch has become Australia's most popular water sports website, and is consistently ranked in the top eight sporting websites. The site displays live vision from over 90 coastal locations around Australia and overseas. It also provides daily surf reports, swell forecasting, weather information and news; as well as video, photographic and editorial content.

Coastalwatch has also developed a Coastal Conditions Monitoring System, which utilises the camera network to make a significant contribution to safer coastal use and more efficient and cost effective coastal management. To this end, Coastalwatch has partnered with Surf Life Saving Australia and Surfing Australia; and supports Volunteer Rescue organisations, community groups, and charities such as SurfAid International and the Surfrider Foundation Australia.

Coastalwatch is committed to bringing the coast to all Australians and overseas visitors, and becoming the premier reference site for all coastal user groups. With this in mind, Coastalwatch is dedicated to assisting with sound coastal zone research and management through the use of all its resources.

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