Dataset: Davies Reef Sensor Float 3


A round 1.4m yellow buoy has been deployed in the Davies Reef lagoon as part of the sensor network infrastructure at Davies Reef in the central Great Barrier Reef off Townsville, Australia. \n \n The buoy is configured as a sensor-float with a Campbell Scientific logger, a spread-spectrum radio for communicating with the on-reef wireless network, a SeaBird Inductive modem and initially a surface mounted (30cm under the water surface) thermistor and bottom mounted SeaBird SBE39 (temperature and pressure).\n The project looks to deploy sensor networks at seven sites along the Great Barrier Reef to measure a range of physical parameters at a range of scales. The project will install communications, data and platform infrastructure that will support future sensor work looking at biological and chemical parameters.\n Wireless Sensor Networks Facility (formerly known as Facility for The Automated Intelligent Monitoring of Marine Systems (FAIMMS)), part of the Great Barrier Reef Ocean Observing System project (GBROOS) (IMOS)\n

General Information