Dataset: The physical environment of Scott Reef, Western Australia (2003): Scott Cay West Transect (J)


Six instruments were deployed on the Scott Cay West Transect (J). Instruments were deployed along a transect down the reef slope. \n \nCode: SCW5; Depth: -2.0m; Instrument: Odyssey; Serial #: 6568; \nCode: SCW4; Depth: -1.0m; Instrument: Odyssey; Serial #: 6538; \nCode: SCW3; Depth: 1.8m; Instrument: Odyssey; Serial #: 6332; \nCode: SCW2; Depth: 4.8m; Instrument: Tidbit; Serial #: SL3-31060; \nCode: SCW1; Depth: 19.8m; Instrument: S4; Serial #: 615; File Name: SCWuv \nCode: SCW1; Depth: 19.8m; Instrument: SBE16; Serial #: 2123; File Name: SCWct\n This deployment was a component of the "Physical Environment" sub-project of the project "Biological and Physical Environment at Scott Reef 2003"\n Two of the temperature loggers were exposed at low tide.\n

General Information