Dataset: Organic matter decomposition in intertidal sediments, Hinchinbrook Channel, North Queensland


Four sites (in 2 mud flats and 2 mangrove forests) were sampled in August 1997 (winter) and February 1998 (summer). \n \nData was collected for analyses of sediments, porewater, and solid-phase elements (TOC, total C, total N, etc). Sediment temperature, redox potential and pH were measured. \n \nMetal reduction (Fe and Mn) was estimated by using the core incubation method. \n \nSulphate reduction was measured and a two-step distillation procedure was used to determine the fractions of reduced radiolabel in the acid volitile sulphide (AVS=free sulphides, FeS) and chromium-reducible sulphur (CRS=S, FeS2). \n \nDenitrification rates were calculated. \n \nFluxes of dissolved oxygen, total CO2, DOC, Fe and Mn were measured.\n To examine rates and pathways of organic matter decomposition in sediments during winter and summer.\n

General Information